How to enrol (sign up) someone into Youngevity

Enrolling your prospect has just gotten way easier.

If you are Rep and building a Youngevity business this is going to help you. has quickly become the #1 source of Youngevity information in Canada. wants to help. One of the technical difficulties for existing Reps is enrolling prospects and having them fill out the huge Youngevity form. The challenge of converting a prospect to a Rep will be easier with our integrated enrolment form.

Send your prospect to for a fast & easy enrolment.

They'll get to choose Associate ($15) or CEO ($499)

When your prospect registers, you will get the enrolment and quick start bonus, and the Rep will be enrolled directly under you. Just make sure the prospect puts your contact info (Rep ID) in the referral box so we know where to send the enrolment. You may think of as a fast and easy clearing house for enrolments.

The new Rep will get a professional welcome email, explaining you, their upline, your email, phone number, etc. They'll get important links to how to take the product, member only resources, etc.