How to build a Youngevity business

Follow these steps and with some hard work in a couple years you’ll have helped thousands recover their health, help hundreds (yourself included) increase their wealth. Youngevity’s products combined with our marketing system will make your business thrive. Welcome. This is gonna be great!
— Sean Fournier


Lend one of your CD's to a prospect whom has a health problem or is looking for an alternative to MD treatments. Lend it to them for just a few days.


Call your prospect and recover the CD, if they haven't listened to it, give them an extra day. Once the time limit has elapsed, recover the CD, leave your business card and move on. If they listened, they'll call you. If they didn't listen, they'll be intrigued that you didn't push or pry; this is key. Do not push Youngevity on anyone. This is the draw.


If they were receptive to the CD and Dr. Glidden's lecture, invite them to a live event. A webinar, a local live event, a conference call, whatever, but make it real for them.


This is the step where you enrol them to become a member and get the products that will help them. If they are interested in the business aspect, share the information with them. If you're not familiar with the business part, just get your upline to contact them.