BV is the Bonus Volume that all the commission are calculated from.

QV is the Qualifying Volume that makes your personal account qualified each month.

QV is the amount that ensures you are qualified for the particular rank you are in.

  • For example, if you are SEMD ranked you'll need to ensure you meet or exceed (by purchasing goods) the minimum 250 QV to stay at SEMD.

BV is the amount that you'll be paid back in commissions.

  • For example, if a person enrolled directly below you orders a Health Start Pak, you'd receive 30% of the BV =  $28.50 (quick start bonus) and then after 30 days you'd receive 8% of the BV = $7.60

Look at the compensation table for more information on the percentages which differ based on your current rank.

example order of one Healthy Start Pak

example order of one Healthy Start Pak