You've signed up !(Associate or CEO membership)...

    You'll receive an Associate/Rep ID which gives you access to a wholesale ordering and customer management website.

    You'll receive a Welcome Kit in the mail which details the full compensation plan highlighted on in this website.

    You'll get an email or phone call from your account manager in your area who can answer any questions you may have about getting started.

    Okay, now start talking!

    You need to find three people who fit the following:

    • You have mutual respect with.

    • They are "looking for something" better in life.

    • Can afford the Health Start Pak (monthly $118) 

    Once you find those three people and introduce them to Youngevity and offer them a chance for a healthy and more secure future you need to enrol them (sign them up) to become wholesale members.

    • If you find three people and enrol them with the CEO Mega Pack, you're commissions will be $399 and you'll get a free healthy start pak (worth $115) a total of $514!

    • If you find three people and enrol them with the $15 Associate membership and whatever *stuff* they want to buy to improve their health (eg. Healthy Start Pak) you'll get a $86 commission cheque. The more your referral spends, the bigger your commission. 

    You'll earn 30% commission in the first 30 days, and ~7% beyond 30 days.  You'll receive ~7% for your referrals referrals and so on, all the way to 8 levels of referrals!  

    You just need three!

    You just need to find and enrol three people and ensure the process is repeated. You may know 25 people in your life that need Youngevity for either Health or Financial reasons, but you only need three people to make the system work. If three people you refer go on and refer 3 more, repeating the process 3 more times. You'll have 363 people in your group and your monthly residual commission cheques will be $2,413.95 continuously (based on a Healthy Start Pak $118) – you'd also get the signup bonuses which would total $10,345.50. Anyone can achieve this within 3 months.

    The power to enrolling three people, and repeating the process. You can help thousands recover their health.